Executive Compensation

The Harman Firm represents executives, highly compensated and highly credentialed individuals in negotiating terms of their compensation… Read More »

Wage and Hour

Employers are required to compensate employees for the hours they work, including in most instances, time and a half for hours worked over forty in one week… Read More »


Diverse state and federal laws bar employers from discriminating on the basis of race, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, and religion, among other characteristics. Read More »

New York Employment Attorneys

The Harman Firm understands that employment disputes can have an overwhelming, even devastating impact on people’s personal and professional lives.  When these disputes arise, we aim to build bridges between the employees and employers, and when that is not possible, we deliver zealous advocacy, helping its clients cope with the financial and emotional challenges of a legal battle.  We offer the time, talent, and support needed when confronting current or former employers, employees, coworkers, and colleagues.

Few are prepared for the trauma caused by sexual harassment or discrimination based on protected characteristics such as race, age, gender, pregnancy, disability, or sexual orientation.  The Harman Firm encourages victims of discrimination to come forward with their claims, and to consult with an attorney regarding their legal options.  We are prepared to analyze and address the challenges caused by illegal employment practices.

The Harman Firm also provides counseling services to small and medium sized businesses on various matters, including preparation of employee manuals, advising on employee and independent contractor matters, drafting hiring agreements and separation agreements, vendor contracts and master service agreements.

We pride ourselves on keeping abreast of changes in the field of employment law, and we work to inform the public about the ever-changing nature of employment matters.  Go to our BLOG for a discussion of current developments in employment law or follow us on Twitter @TheHarmanFirm.