Executive Compensation

The Harman Firm negotiates compensation and benefits packages for executives and other high-income earners. We are experienced in compensation packages for executives in public and closely held corporations, and work zealously for our clients to ensure that their compensation package is fair and equitable. Financial compensation packages can include base salary, bonuses, and deferred compensation or long-term incentive compensation, including restricted stocks, stock options and other equity interests.

Executive compensation packages generally have more components than that of more traditional employee severance packages, and can include special health plans, retirement and supplemental retirement plans, supplemental savings plans, as well as other benefits, such as a company car, housing reimbursement, and business or first class travel.

We negotiate the most favorable employment agreements possible and are familiar with the applicable law, industry standards, timing, benefits, bonuses, and other compensation details appropriate for executive-level employees.

Executives are entitled to be paid what is promised to them in offering letters, agreements, plans and other written documents. When disputes arise with respect to what an executive is owed, The Harman Firm is prepared to analyze, address and resolve them. Our attorneys have decades of experience litigating the issues that arise with executive compensation.