The Harman Firm, LLP

Executive Compensation

The Harman Firm negotiates compensation and benefits packages for executives and other high-income earners in both public and closely-held corporations.We work zealously for our clients not only to ensure that they receive a fair and equitable package, but also to ensure that the client’s short-term and long-term interests are protected.

Financial compensation packages can include base salary, guaranteed and non-guaranteed bonuses, structured raises, and deferred compensation or long-term incentive compensation including restricted stocks, stock options and other equity interests.These components must be weighed and balanced in accordance with a client’s needs, as each form of compensation has its own set of ‘pros and cons’ – from different tax bases to increased long-term risk.

Executive compensation packages may also include additional non-monetary compensation, such as special health plans, retirement and supplemental retirement plans, supplemental savings plans, as well as other benefits, such as a company car, housing reimbursement, business or first class travel benefits, and other perquisites.

Executive compensation packages also often include provisions for the end of the employment relationship.These clauses may lay out the terms by which either the individual or the employer may end the relationship, the notice one side must give the other in the event they seek to terminate the relationship, and the duties each side owes each other in the event of termination, including the employee’s release of any claims they may have against the employer.These provisions may include guaranteed severance, continued insurance coverage, or a period of job-placement assistance.

Because of the complexity of these agreements, it is crucial for anyone entering into a contractual employment relationship to work with someone who is experienced in these types of negotiations, who understands the options that are on the table, and who is capable of tailoring an agreement to a client’s interests.

We at the Harman Firm are familiar with the applicable laws, regulations, industry standards, timing, benefits, bonuses, and other factors necessary to negotiate on behalf of executive-level employees.We strive to negotiate each term of every agreement so that our clients’ interests are protected.

The Harman Firm also assists our executive-level clients with the terms and conditions of their separation from employment – whether that separation is amicable or not.In the event of an amicable separation, we assist our clients in wrapping up that chapter and we ensure that they receive every benefit to which they are entitled.In the event of an acrimonious separation, The Harman Firm is prepared to analyze, address and resolve legal claims against the employer, whether through negotiation, arbitration, mediation, or litigation.

Executives are entitled to be paid what is promised to them in offering letters, agreements, plans and other written documents. When disputes arise with respect to what an executive is owed, we fight to achieve a resolution that satisfies our clients.

Our attorneys have decades of experience handling the issues that arise with highly-paid individuals, and we are prepared to provide assistance with any aspect of your employment relationship.