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Woman Sues Halliburton For Pregnancy Discrimination

Former Vice President Dick Cheney’s company, Halliburton, has been sued in Texas by a former employee who claims that she was terminated for violating the company’s “policy against procreation”. The employee claims that she notified supervisors that she was pregnant, and was promptly terminated.

While Halliburton claims that the termination was part of a wave of company-wide layoffs, the employee was the only one out of her group that was terminated. Further, a posting for her exact position and duties was posted briefly online after her termination.

The employee is represented by Todd Kelley, a Dallas based attorney known for representing other victims of Halliburton’s discriminatory policies. Kelley represents a former Halliburton employee that worked overseas as a contractor. The employee claims that she was raped by multiple individuals, and then locked in a shipping container to prevent her from reporting the rape. Halliburton claimed that the employee could not sue, prompting Sen. Al Franken to sponsor a bill declaring that any company with a defense contract cannot bar employees suing for sexual assault and rape.

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