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Whole Food’s Offers Steeper Discount To Healthier Employees

In an interesting move, Whole Foods Supermarkets have begun to offer employees an additional ten percent discount on food purchased for those who submit to routine health examinations, don’t use tobacco, and comport to low body mass index guidelines. The discount, an additional ten percent on top of the 20% employees already receive, would be a bonus for keeping fit.

The move has received a lot of attention since it was announced, with employees on both sides taking a stance, claiming that it promotes employees to be healthy and be given a financial incentive for doing so. On the other hand, some say that it is a punishment for overweight and unhealthier employees, and that it negatively reinforces the eating habits of some less healthy Whole Foods employees.

What is your take? Is it ok to offer some benefits to thin employees over fat employees? Should heavier people get protection?

A bigger question is there “fattism” in America?

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