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What is a Man?

Upon discovering an employee was transgendered after undergoing sex change surgery, a New Jersey drug treatment center fired him for allegedly not being man enough for the job, a job which required him to watch men urinate into plastic cups. The former employee sued under New Jersey’s anti-discrimination statue, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity or expression. Only 12 states, not including New York, have such a statute, though New York City does expressly prohibit discrimination against transgendered individuals. Having already attracted the attention of The New York Times, the case is likely to attract further media attention as a test case for determining the breadth and effectiveness of New Jersey’s anti-discrimination statute and other similar statutes. We at The Harman Firm are committed to addressing and eradicating all forms of employment discrimination and will certainly keep a watchful eye as New Jersey grapples with what exactly is a man.

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