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West New York EMT’s Settle Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

A group of three EMT’s working in West New York, New Jersey have settled out of court after they brought a lawsuit against the City. The suit claimed that the EMT director of West New York constantly harassed them, making sexual advances against the employees, as well as making a number of derogatory comments against the employees.

The employees repeatedly complained about their treatment, but were only rebuffed and retaliated against for their claims. According to attorneys for the plaintiffs, their complaints were met with reduced hours on their shifts, and continued harassment from their superiors.

In settling, the Defendant, the city of West New York, assumes no responsibility or guilt in this matter.

The settlement in this case is a sign of the increasing seriousness of sexual harassment suits. Further, it highlights the necessity of employees complaining about any treatment that they feel to be unfair.

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