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Wal-Mart Settles Wage Violation Case in Massachusetts for $41 million dollars

In a huge victory for Wal-Mart workers across Massachusetts, the retail giant has elected to settle a class action lawsuit brought by workers. The workers allege, among a list of violations, that Wal-Mart forced workers to work through breaks, did not pay workers overtime, and doctored pay cards to reduce workers salaries without their knowledge.

The settlement will amount to between 800 and 2000 for the workers affected, comprising a group of nearly 80,000 employees who worked at Wal-Mart’s in Massachusetts between 1995 through 2005.

This settlement marks a victory for the workers of the company. Wal-Mart is no stranger to these sorts of cases, with a long history of taking advantage of their workers to drive down operating costs. Wal-Mart has long resisted paying their workers fair wages, and have broken up numerous efforts made by workers to organize themselves.

Wal-Mart and their dubious practices towards their employees have been in part thwarted this time. Part of the stipulation of settlement states that neither party comment on the matter further, not allowing for the parties to disclose exactly what happened to bring Wal-Mart to settle.

We here at the Harman Firm encourage any workers, especially those who are employed with Wal-Mart, to examine their practices towards workers before making buying decisions. Companies who repeatedly harass and take advantage of those who can afford it the least are not deserving of your money.

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