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Upstate Grocery Chain Hit With 1.25 Mil. Sexual Harassment Judgment

An Oswego County Grocery store has been hit with a lawsuit from the EEOC, claiming that Paul’s Big M Grocery subjected female employees to a hostile work environment, sexual harassment and sexual discrimination. The EEOC claimed that the store’s manager was responsible for many sexual derogatory comments aimed at the female store employees over the span of several years. Further, a number of criminal complaints were filed against the manager during this time, alleging sexual conduct such as touching and gropings, as well as exposing himself to the employees.

Following a trial, a Jury has awarded the ten plaintiffs 1.25 million dollar in connection with their complaints. Finding that the manager and his fiance did nothing to prevent or correct any of these complaints, the Jury found the store liable for the managers actions.

For ten people to come forward alleging the same sexual discrimination and harassment is striking. We are glad that the Jury found for this group of women, and hope it sends a strong message to managers and business owners that this type of behavior will not be tolerated.

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