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Unpaid Hollywood Interns file a Lawsuit

This blog has already addressed the issue of unpaid internships that are numerous in the Film industry.

In September 2011, two unpaid interns who worked in the hit movie “Black Swan” have decided to challenge the film industry’s widely accepted practice of unpaid internships and filed a lawsuit in Federal court in New York.

On October 9, the Court approved Plaintiff’s motion to include claims on behalf of all corporate interns of the Fox Entertainment Group.

It is now reported by The Huffington Post that similar cases might arise in California. Indeed, for both the U.S. Department of Labor and the California’s Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, interns of for-profit employers generally must be paid.

Nancy J. Leppink, the DOL’s deputy wage and hour administrator told The New York Times “There aren’t going to be many instances where you can have an internship (for a non-profit employer) and not be paid and still be in compliance with the law.

Despite the uncertain legality of so many internships, claims by interns are rare. One of the reasons is the belief that interns who receive college credits need not be paid. However, this is not the case under federal or California law.

The Harman Firm has already litigated similar cases before New York Courts and advocates for the rights of unpaid interns. If you are an unpaid intern and feel that you are entitled to a monetary compensation for your work, call The Harman Firm today.

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