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University Retaliates Against Student Who Reported Sexual Assault

We blogged in January about the sexual assault controversy at the University of North Carolina: the school is accused of underreporting campus cases.

If that wasn’t bad enough, a UNC student has now come forward with extremely disheartening news: she is being brought before the school disciplinary board—for having “‘intimidated’ her rapist and ‘adversely’ affected his life,” apparently simply by reporting her assault. (The student is also part of the group bringing the underreporting complaint.)

See the full Jezebel post for more details of this angering story.

Retaliation is at times a sad reality for those who seek justice and attempt to bring harassment and discrimination to light; a university, like a corporate workplace, is an institution that attempts to protect its own interests.

This video features attorney Walker Harman discussing sexual harassment on college campuses:



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