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Unemployment Discrimination Becomes Illegal in NYC in June

We’ve written several times recently about the discrimination faced by the unemployed when looking for new work.

A study out of Northeastern University found that “candidates with long gaps in their resumes received fewer callbacks than the candidates with shorter gaps — even if the fictional resume showed no experience relevant to the job.”

A worker enters “long-term” unemployment after six months without a job; there are more such workers now than any time since the 1940s. In the study, which submitted fictional resumes to real job openings, resumes representing recently jobless workers without relevant experience were called back at a rate of nine percent; resumes representing long-term unemployment that did have relevant experience were called back at a rate of three percent.

The good news: in March, New York City passed a law that will ban discrimination against the unemployed starting in June. NYC joins Oregon, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C., which have enacted similar laws.

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