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Two New York City Women Accuse Department of Environmental Protection of Sexism

Two female workers for the Department of Environmental Protection have filed a federal complaint against their department, alleging a long history of discrimination. The complaint, filed with the EEOC, outlines the patterns of harassment and retaliation suffered by two lesbian workers at the hands of their predominantly male coworkers and supervisors.

The pair, Lillian Padilla and Magda Rodrieguez allege that they found that their truck was constantly littered with pornography, that they were called derogatory names for being lesbians as well as being threatened and harassed for complaining about their situations.

Furthermore, there were no shower facilities for the two workers who spent much of their day working in sludge and grime around New York. The two contend that there were originally 13-15 female employees in the Department of Environmental protection, but the systematic sexism and harassment by “the old boys network” has forced many of the women out to find new jobs.

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