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Transgendered Teen Denied McDonald’s Job, Received Threatening Voicemails

A 17-year old Florida teen had tried to apply for a job at a Florida area McDonald’s. Filling out the online application, the teen decided not to check a box for the sex area, as she is transgender.

Following up at the in person interview, Ms. Bellamy told the two managers that she was transgender. Following the interview, she received a voicemail from on of the managers claiming that she had lied to him, and that “McDonald’s does hire [expletive].

The manager was fired following the release of the tape, which has the manager outright insulting this woman for trying to find a job at McDonald’s, and that McDonald’s would never hire someone like her.

Ms, Bellamy’s case continues to garner attention in Florida and around the country. She has initiated a lawsuit under Florida law, which recognizes gender identity as a protected class concerning employment matters.

This also highlights the need for strong Federal protections against gender discrimination and transgender identity issues. Looking forward to the Employee Non-Discrimination Act, which would bring a number of protections to people such as Ms. Bellamy.

The original article can be found at the Consumerist-McDonald’s Manager To Transgender Woman: We Don’t Hire [Gay Slur]– , including a link to a video containing these comments from the manager, as well as links to the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund.

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