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The Harman Firm, PC Selected for the The Expert Institute’s 2015 Best Legal Blog Contest

The Harman Firm is participating in The Expert Institute’s 2015 Best Legal Blog contest! We’ve put hard work and research into our blogs, and are excited to be selected. Our hope is that our blog helps people deal with legal difficulties in their workplace. We strive to inform our readers of their rights and provide them with up-to-date information about developments in employment law. We are proud to be recognized by The Expert Institute for our efforts, and are grateful to our readers for helping us get this far.

By clicking this link––you can nominate our blog and help us come out on top! Please click the link and follow these instructions:

(1) scroll down to “nominate a blog,”

(2) enter your first and last name,

(3) copy and paste this link––the “blog address,”

(4) select “labor and employment,” and

(5) let them know why we should be nominated!

Share this with your friends and help us spread the word. We truly appreciate all of you that read our blog and support us.

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