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Text Message Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace continues to be a problem for countless individuals in the work place. Harassment can take many forms, largely face-to-face interactions. However, HR professionals are seeing a startling new trend brought on by Blackberry culture: text message sexual harassment.

A growing issue of concern is sexual harassment that spills over from the workplace encounters between people, and into their private, away from work lives, enabled by texting technology. Increasingly, it is being reported that victims of sexual harassment are often harassed through texts from harassers.

The carrying over of sexual harassment through texting during and after work is a disturbing development. We urge individuals to treat this type of harassment as any other. In particular, be sure to document the offending texts since many cell phones are set to delete or push texts out of a mailbox after a certain time. The Harman Firm urges individuals to speak up about this increasingly invasive harassment.

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