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Target Sued By Disabled Employee

The EEOC has moved ahead and sued the Target Corporation for discriminating against a disabled employee. The employee had applied for a job at one of Target’s stores in California. While applying for the job, the individual made it known that he suffers from cerebral palsy and limited intellectual functioning.

Once employed by the store, the employee was given little to no accommodation for his disability, the suit alleges. The company had allegedly ignored requests from the employee’s job coach, as well as requests from the employee’s parents to be present for in store meetings with managers and other supervisors.

The suit also alleges that the employee had his hours reduced upon returning from an unpaid medical leave.

If these allegations are true, the store is at fault for failing to accommodate an individual’s disability in the work place when they were aware of the disability at the time of hiring the individual. No employee should be denied a moderate request to carry out the job duties that they have been assigned, nor should they be retaliated against when jobs fail to provide accommodations.

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