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Supreme Court to Rule on Massive Wal Mart Class Action Suit

The Supreme Court is currently hearing a case brought against Wal Mart by thousands of current and former female employees. The Supreme Court will decide if the case will proceed as one massive class action suit. If the case proceeds as a class action, the case will be the largest class action suit in United States history.

The case is brought by female employees claiming a pattern of discrimination based on their gender. The suit, originally filed in California in 2001, alleges that female Wal Mart employees have been routinely denied advancement and promotion, as well as not being paid as much as their male counterparts. What started with six plaintiffs has turned into a case with over 1.5 million class members, and which action spans nearly nine years.

We will keep you posted on what the Court eventually decides, and how this may impact future gender discrimination and employment class action suits.

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