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Study Finds Low Wage Workers Routinely Taken Advantage Of

A new study released this week showed some troubling signs for low-income workers. The survey, whose results were published in the New York Times- Low Wage Workers Are Often Cheated, Study Says, found over a 1,000 workers making a median of 10 dollars an hour, found that these workers were extremely likely to have been taken advantage of by their employers. This included working off the clock, not getting proper time off for breaks and meals, as well as not being compensated or granted overtime. On average, this cost workers over 50 dollars from their take home pay, a net loss of around 15% of their total wages. As well, it found that these workers were often pressured unfairly to not take workers compensation when they would be injured on the job, denying them compensation and adequate time off to deal with these injuries sustained. It is terrible that these trends still persist, as laws to protect workers against these violations seem to go unheeded and under-enforced. States should work to inform workers more completely of their rights as employees, and ensure that this vulnerable group has protection against such abuses.

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