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Stage Set For New Civil Rights Act

The recent Supreme Court session has been a disastrous term for the rights of workers in America. The current Court has weakened the rights of older employees in the case of Gross v. FBL Financial services, where the Court determined that age discrimination had to be the motivating factor in pursuing an age discrimination claim, deeply undercutting the interpretation of the Age Discrimination Employment Act. Later in the term, the Court ruled on the highly controversial Ricci v. DeSteffano case, where they found against the city of New Haven, who through out a promotion test for firefighters when it would have resulted in few if any minority firefighters receiving promotion- mostly in accordance with Title VII.

These setbacks have greatly affected the ways in which employees can seek recourse and damages from the actions of their employers. This is why it is a perfect time for Congress to get to work on an overhaul of the Civil Rights Act. Similar to the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act introduced after her appeal to the Supreme Court was denied, this new act could bolster the rights of employees and undo the damage brought by the current members of the bench.

Specifically, this act could work to restore the rights of employees who believe they have been discriminated against because of their age, as well as clarify the problems of Title VII that make it difficult for local and state governments to apply equal protection under the law. As well, it could go beyond that and provide greater rights for part time and tipped workers, who are often taken advantage, and not paid fairly.
Lobby your Congressmen and women to enact real change for employees, and help fight against the challenges to workers rights.

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