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Six Year Old Boy Accused of Sexual Harassment Receives 180k Settlement

At the end of a lengthy settlement process, the Brockton, Massachusetts, a local school board is set to pay a local boy over 180,000 following an incident where he was accused of sexually harassing another student.

The incident, which occurred in 2007, stemmed from the boy putting his hand inside the waistband of a female classmate’s pants. The student was immediately removed from class, and suspended for three days. During a meeting with the boys parents, the teacher told his parents that that was sexual harassment. The principal went as far as to call state police officers to see about bringing charges against the boy, who was six at the time, for sexual harassment.

Following this, the story received national attention and sparked debates over the actions of both the boy and the school administration. Does a six-year old first grader understand the concept of sexual harassment? Was the school board wrong in taking such harsh action in this situation? And why would anyone call the police?

As part of the settlement, the boy was offered an official apology, and had his record cleared with Social Services and the District Attorney.

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