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Shocking Allegations From Fired NY Post Reporter

Sandra Guzman, a former editor for the New York Post, filed a lawsuit recently where she describes a pattern of racism and retaliation at the New York Post, one of the papers owned by media magnate Rupert Murdoch.

Guzman states that she was fired in retaliation for complaining about the printing of a controversial political cartoon, which depicted President Barack Obama as a gunned down chimpanzee. Guzman, who is black and Puerto Rican, claims she was the only female editor of color at the NY Post and was terminated following complaints made about the cartoon, where she believed them to be racist and derogatory.

The cartoon ignited a controversy following its publication, drawing an apology from News Corps Chairman Murdoch. The cartoon depicts a chimpanzee labeled Obama, shot dead on the street. This was in reference to an incident in Connecticut wherein a chimpanzee had gotten lose and badly assaulted and maimed an individual, which occurred within the same week that President Obama extended nearly 787 billion dollars for additional stimulus funds.

Amongst other complaints, Guzman states that in internal documents, she was labeled “Cha-Cha #1”, a derogatory insult aimed against her Puerto Rican heritage. The Harman Firm believes that no employee should be terminated for complaining about racial discrimination, and encourages everyone to stand up against this behavior.

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