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Sexual Orientation Rights- President Obama and the Defense of Marriage Act

President Obama was largely elected on the support of a progressive land swell of coalitions, from labor unions to gay rights groups. So why is it that now that Obama is President with more than enough votes in the Senate he continues to support a discriminatory and blatantly wrong policy enacted by the Defense of Marriage Act.

The Defense of Marriage Act, enacted in 1996 prevents the Federal Government from recognizing the legality of gay marriage on the Federal level, causing major setbacks in equality for gays and fueling legislation aimed at curbing rights. The fury from the left comes after last week, where President Obama and the White House filed a brief in a Federal case supporting the Defense of Marriage Act.

The case, which came up tried to challenge the legality of the Defense of Marriage Act and force Federal recognition of gay marriages preformed in states. The Depart of Justice filed a brief in the court stating that the Federal government is not required to honor certain marriages preformed elsewhere, and cited a case of incestuous marriage preformed in Italy. The brief went further in insulting gay couples by stating that the Defense of Marriage Act was never designed to discriminate against gays, flying in the face of comments made by President Obama on the campaign trail.

This backpedaling is incredibly disappointing for a candidate that ran on a progressive platform of change and equality. To see these ridiculous steps being taken against gays and their equality is downright shocking, and should be condemned coming from President Obama. While offering some Federal benefits to gay couples, President Obama has miles to go in ensuring equal protection and opportunity under the law for gay American’s everywhere.

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