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Sexual Harassment Plaintiff Dies in Queens Fire

Tragic news coming from Queens as a woman who bravely accused her employer of sexual harassment was killed in a fire last night. Bianca Wisniewski had claimed that her employer had created a hostile work environment where she was routinely harassed by members of the construction crew and her superiors. Following this conduct, she sued the construction company and JP Morgan Chase.

The fire came on the eve of an evidence hearing in her case. While firefighters have claimed that the fire was not suspicious, the dispatcher had originally directed the fire crews to the wrong address, delaying them by six minutes or more.

The Daily News has more on the story here- Bianca Wisniewski’s $20M sexual harassment lawsuit to go on despite hardhat’s death in fire: lawyer
This is tragic news, and our sympathies at the Harman Firm go out to Ms. Wisniewski and her family at this time.

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