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Sexual harassment and retaliation toward Latino immigrants

Willimenette Tree Wholesale, Inc. has agreed to pay $150,000 to four Latino immigrants who brought suit through the EEOC with charges of sexual harassment and retaliation. The situation stemmed from two female employees of Willimentee Tree Wholesale, Inc. being sexual assaulted or harassed, then complaining or having others complain on their behalf to the management. In turn, the complaints led to four terminations, for both women who were the victims of sexual assault or harassment as well as their family members who had grieved to management on their behalf.

Advocate groups as well as the Oregon Law Center view this case as a victory, not only for these four Latinos who were wrongfully terminated, but for the Latino community in general. Mavel Morales, the lawyer from Oregon Law Center who represented the four, expressed that “we hope that their voices will encourage other farmworkers to stand up for their right to work free of sexual harassment and fears of retaliation.”

Do you feel you have been a victim of sexual harassment or retaliation? Do you feel forced to be silent because of your immigration status or you fear you may lose your job? Contact an attorney today and find out your rights.

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