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Sexual Harassment and Abuse – A Growing Problem in Universities

Sexual harassment occurs in almost all industries. More recently, Penn State has been in the news for allegations that their head coach did not report to police allegations of sexual abuse against minor boys. An eyewitness to sexual abuse reported it to Head Coach Joe Paterno who instructed the eyewitness to the athletic director rather then police. The New York Times reports that “a grand jury said that Spanier, the university president since 1995, was made aware of a report of an incident involving Sandusky.” The incident referenced occurred in 2002 and since that time the university has not reported the allegation to the police and no administrative measures have been taken to investigate the incident further.

Whether its sexual harassment, claims of discrimination or mistreatment, universities tend to exercise a hush-hush policy, which keeps law enforcement out. Without such policies, maybe there would be a much clearer picture as to how much more pervasive sexual harassment is than the average person thinks.

The current story concerning coach Joe Paterno has made national headlines and also caused an uproar from supporting Penn State students who did not wish for Paterno to be fired. This case has just come to light and it is quite certain that even more details will be revealed in the time to come to indicate further abuse of power by large corporations such as universities.

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