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Second New York Post Staffer Joins Race Discrimination Suit

Following the filing of a lawsuit by a former NY Post worker, Sandra Guzman, another employee has come forward to join the case against the News Corporation owned paper. The complaint, filed in November, repeats the allegations of rampant racism found in the the New York Post newsroom, and the permissive attitude towards damaging racist remarks, before and after the publication of the infamous “Chimp” cartoon.

The complaint addresses a number of situations where a black employee, Austin Fenner, a twenty-year news veteran, was fired after complaining about the cartoon. The firing occurred on the same day as the other employee, Sandra Guzman, was terminated following her complaints regarding racism. The complaint also alleges that Fenner was not allowed in the “whites only” newsroom, and was forced to work on assignments elsewhere.

If true, these allegations are troubling for the state of journalism at the New York Post. The pervasive, rampant racism claimed to be occurring should not be tolerated, especially by those entrusted to report the news.

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