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Rise in Wage and Hour cases.

The number of lawsuits filed for wage and hour violations has been on a steady rise over the past decade. In fact, in 2002 there were only 2,035 claims filed under the Fair Labor Standards Act. This year 7,064 cases have already been filed claiming that one or more employees have suffered some kind of violation under the law.

Interestingly, the Department of Labor has already helped around 275,000 workers obtain the $225 million that they were supposed to be paid in accordance with the FLSA but whose employers failed to do so.

“Many workers still have a hard time taking advantage of their legal protections,” said Jeffrey Michael Hirsch, associate professor at the University of North Carolina’s law school.

Weaknesses in the economy have led to more layoffs and increased work for employees left behind. Misclassification of employees often leads to workers being underpaid for the amount of time they have put in. This spike in wage and hour violation claims by employees can be attributed to sustained tough economic times, an increase in enforcement by the government, and confusion over regarding overtime pay provisions.

While much cant be done about the economic times or the government enforcement, hiring an experienced attorney such as The Harman Firm can assist you in knowing your rights under the FLSA wage and hour laws.

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