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Repairing Gender Inequality: An M.I.T. Case Study

12 years ago, M.I.T acknowledged that female professors were being discriminated against in “subtle but pervasive” ways, an admission that spurred inspiration for gender equality far beyond the campus of M.I.T. Now, after a reevaluation of policies and 12 years of changes, it seems that gender equality has almost backlashed into what some perceive as an unfair advantage for women, providing a yearlong break for pregnant female professors on the tenure track, running a daycare on campus, encouraging a female to be on every committee on campus, and putting on copious amounts of panels discussing gender equality issues. In a school that once had 15 female tenured professors compared to 197 male tenured professors, policies have dramatically changed, leveling the playing field for females at M.I.T who have advocated change and overall spurring change toward gender equality at M.I.T and elsewhere.

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