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Religious Discrimination at IHOP.

IHOP allegedly fires Muslim employees.The attorney for four former managers working for IHOP, James Vagnini stated: “About a year and a half ago, the rug was pulled underneath simply because of the way their names look, the way they appear, where they come from and the religion they practice,” “This is unacceptable in this country in this day and age.”

The men worked at franchise restaurants in Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano and Burleson.

After the four employees filed charges with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the EEOC‘s investigation found that “violations have occurred” at the company.

The plaintiffs allege that their reputations have been damaged and they cannot secure employment. One of the plaintiffs, Joseph Chamseddine, worked for more than a decade at the chain restaurant. He along with the other fired managers would like letters of recommendation from IHOP so that they can secure future employment.

Chamseddine said he feels wronged by the actions of IHOP. “I think what they did to us to me and my managers is unfair, unethical and illegal,” he said. If you feel like you have been wronged as a result of religious discrimination and your religious beliefs, contact the Harman Firm.

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