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Queens Supermarket Chain Charged With Sexual Discrimination

A group of women have brought allegations of sex discrimination against a string of supermarkets. The complaint alleges that women were routinely discriminated against in the hiring procedures of the store, only being allowed to serve as cashiers. Nearly 90 percent of the cashier’s employed by the company were women, while there were no women working as stockers, in the meat department, or elsewhere in the store.

The complaint was initiated when an individual sought employment with one of the stores named, incorporated under the Dynasty VI name, and was told that there were no more cashier positions available. However, the individual had found out that there had been an opening for a stockperson, and inquired about the job. When pressed, the manager said that they do not hire women as stock-people.

The suit alleges that this is a rampant practice at these New York area stores. It also alleges that women when hired were also pushed into newer divisions of the supermarket, which would not have the same promotion procedures and pay as positions occupied by men.

We here at the Harman Firm believe that it is good that individuals are coming forward to stand up against this illegal behavior which has been unlawfully keeping women out of positions that they are perfectly qualified to do. Only when you individuals are aware of the many facets and types of discrimination in the workplace can they truly take action against this behavior.

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