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Prominent Gay, Disabled Rights Activist Named to the EEOC

In a resounding victory for equal rights activists in America, Chai R. Feldblum has been nominated for the position of EEOC Commissioner. President Obama nominated the Georgetown Law professor to sit on the commission given her diverse and unique experience in working with equal rights issues.

Feldblum is a noted gay activist, heading up programs including the American Civil Liberty Union’s AIDS project. Most notably, she had a role in drafting the American’s With Disabilities Act of 1990.

The EEOC is led by 5 commissioners, which oversee the operation of the organization. The addition of Feldblum is a step in the right direction for the Obama administration, which had come under fire recently for its distancing itself from the gay rights community. With Feldblum acting as a commissioner, gay rights activists can hope to see that further advancement will be made towards eradicating work place harassment.

Currently, few states and municipalities offer the same sorts of protections afforded to harassment based on gender or nationality. Hopefully, with the Obama administration and Feldblum we can one day ensure that no worker will be harassed based on their sexual orientation.

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