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Priest Removed From his Parish for Fathering a Child

Casimir Manyoni Mung’aho, a newly ordained Roman Catholic Priest, was removed from his parish by church officials for secretly fathering a child while in seminary.

Father Mung’aho had been serving as a parochial vicar in the parish of St. Stephen in Warwick, New York. He had come from Tanzania to the United States six years ago to become a priest. He said he wanted to be a role model for people. Indeed, he was liked by his parishioners and the children to which he taught religion.

However, the priest was also later revealed to be a parent. He had fathered a child while he was attending seminary. Although he was still a seminarian when his child was born, and as such had not yet made promises to be celibate, Father Mung’aho was still expected by the church to be celibate.

The archdiocese has not made any final decision on this case yet. Indeed, the removal of Father Mung’aho will allow church officials to address the matter at hand. In the meantime, however, Father Mung’aho has been asked to live independently and reflect on his actions.

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