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Presidential Candidate Confronts Harassment Claims from the Past.

Presidential Candidate, Herman Cain, has run into a huge obstacle in his campaign trail. The issue is his inconsistency with regards to two harassment suits filed against him in the past. When the story first broke, Cain denied any knowledge or any involvement in two former employees harassment claims and eventual settlements.

In an appearance on Fox News, Cain said that he had been “falsely accused” of sexual harassment and was unaware of financial settlements with any accusers. He then repeated similar remarks to the National Press Club. “In all of my over 40 years of business experience,” Cain said at the Press Club, “I have never sexually harassed anyone.”

But by the end of the day, Cain had changed his responses to the questioning councerning the harassment suits. He began telling news outlets that there had been cash payouts to a woman who accused him “falsely” of harassment. He stated that a former employee had filed a formal sexual harassment complaint, which resulted in a settlement but that he didn’t remember signing any settlement and it may have been handled by his Human Resources department. He then proceeded to give further insight, seemingly knowing much more information than he initially stated. He stated that the former employee “settled the harassment claim for a sum of money equivalent to ‘maybe three months salary.'”

The New York Times states that the incidents “include ‘conversations allegedly filled with innuendo or personal questions of a sexually suggestive nature.'”

Cain’s sudden confirmation of a settlement clashed with his earlier comments denying any awareness of a financial agreement with one or more accusers. This inconsistency will certainly hurt his campaign. “Republican strategists privately speculated Monday that Cain’s campaign could suffer grievous damage if one or both women come forward with new details about the allegations against Cain and put a human face on the other side of the story.”

Mr. Cain’s inconsistency and his statements making light of the matter: “I really know what it feels like to be No. 1[,]” implying that these allegations are coming to light because he is doing well in the campaigns, will make it difficult to just brush these serious harassment claims to the side.

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