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President Obama Launches Job Creation Plan, Including Teen Workers

In a speech Monday morning, President Obama laid out his plans to create over 600,000 jobs this Summer through Federal stimulus money. This ambitious plan would also include 125,000 jobs for teenagers who are suddenly finding summer jobs long held by teens and adolescents drying up as older and out of work job seekers start taking whatever jobs are around.

The announcement comes on the heels of some mixed economic news last week, with job losses slowing but overall unemployment up to a quarter of a century high. The plan announced, dubbed a “Roadmap to Recovery”, plans to spend money in various areas to create jobs while expanding services throughout the country. For example, money will be distributed to health centers throughout the country to expand services while keeping jobs. Money would also flow to law enforcement officials to protect times, and save departments as budget cuts threaten jobs in municipalities across the country.

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