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Pregnant Woman Terminated After Refusing to Get a Flu Shot

On December 17, 2013, Dreonna Breton was terminated from her employment as a nurse at Horizons Healthcare Services after she refused to receive the influenza vaccine, contrary to the hospital’s policy. The nurse explained that she refused the vaccine because; being pregnant and having already suffered two miscarriages in the past year, she feared it might not be safe for her and might complicate her pregnancy. Dreonna Breton gave her employers a letter from her obstetrician and primary care doctor explaining that she should be exempted from vaccination but it was not taken into account by the hospital. Dreonna Breton also told her employers that she could wear a mask at work to minimize the risk of infection but her employers did not approve. Subsequently, Dreonna Breton was terminated from her employment at the hospital.

However, Dreonna Breton does not want to pursue any legal actions against her former employers and only want the hospital to change their policy on vaccines for pregnant women.

If you are an employee and you believe your employer discriminated against you, please contact the Harman Firm, P.C.

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