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Pregnant T-Mobile Worker Forced to Use Vacation Time to Go to the Bathroom

This alarming story from ABC News is a sad lesson: some firms throw basic decency out the window when a worker’s circumstances change.

T Mobile’s call center always treated Kristi Rifkin well—until she became pregnant. Frequent bathroom trips interfered with her ability to make her quotas. She attempted to minimize her liquid intake to reduce the need for restroom time, but the “baby was suffering.”

Finally, she said, her supervisor pulled her aside and told her to get a note from her doctor explaining that she needed to go the bathroom often. “At that point, I thought my head was going to launch off my shoulders,” said Rifkin. “‘Are you serious? I need to get a note from my doctor to go to the toilet?’ This is a basic biological need.'”

Pregnancy discrimination is per se gender discrimination—although Rifkin says she can’t afford an attorney. She may not yet be aware of the fact that many plaintiffs’ attorneys work on a contingency basis instead of by the hour, and are compensated by the eventual settlement.

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