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Potential New Career Challenges for Travel Writers

Travel writers who write about Hawaii may face a potential new challenge in their careers in the form of legislative limitations. These writers, penning books about Hawaii’s more dangerous and less trodden landscapes, may face personal liability for deaths or accidents which occur at remote locations they’ve recommended.

Hawaii’s legislature and local advocates of the new measure which puts personal liability on these travel writers suggest that the bill is not an infringement on the writers’ first amendment rights but a measure which would increase safety for tourists and locals alike. Those opposing the bill say personal liability could extinguish any travel writing about Hawaii. One successful travel writer at the heart of the issue, Mr. Andrew Doughty, is considering suing the state of Hawaii and has been backed by organizations such as the Association of American Publishers in Washington and the Media Coalition. Follow the progress of this legislative measure through the Wall Street Journal.

If you feel your first amendment rights are being violated in your employment setting, contact an attorney today.

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