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Pentagon Begins to Allow Openly Gay Recruits

Following a series of court decisions regarding the legality of the US Military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policies for gay servicemen and women, the Pentagon has backtracked and has begun to allow openly gay recruits into the service.

Yesterday afternoon, a number of individuals came forward to enlist in the US Military following this decision, marking a historic shift in the military’s policies towards openly gay individuals. Previously, openly gay individuals serving could and have been court martialed and expelled from the military for revealing that they were gay.

This is a huge victory for civil rights, and Americans wishing to serve their country. “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” has been one of the most prominent, government sanctioned cases of employment discrimination in history. Countless talented and proud American’s have been removed from the Army for no other reason than they were gay. In a time when the country is fighting two wars overseas, the Army has no justification for enforcing such discriminatory and antiquated policies.

While the development is certainly newsworthy, recruits are cautioned that the pending appeal on DADT may be granted, and that the policy may return if the appeal is successful. In the meantime, gay American’s that wish to serve their country may do so with less fear that they will be removed as a result of their sexual preference. We call upon President Obama to fully overturn DADT and intervene in the Justice Department’s pending appeal.

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