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Oleanna Returns to Broadway, Reigniting Debate Over Sexual Harassment

In 1992 playwright David Mamet shocked and surprised theatergoers with the premiere of his play, Oleanna. Now, as the play returns to Broadway after 17 years, a new production is set to reignite the discussion and debate stemming from the intense and emotional play.

The play centers around two individuals, a professor and one of his students. Through the course of the play, the student accuses her professor of sexual harassment and abuse of his power of his role as a professor.

This groundbreaking work came at a time when America was dealing with the fallout of the Anita Hill case in Washington, DC, extending the debate to the stage. However new then, sexual harassment remains a constant problem in our society, showing how far we still need to work to overcome it.

For a limited time, the Broadway play will feature a “talkback” series, inviting prominent sexual harassment lawyers, HR professionals, politicians and business figures to discuss the role of sexual harassment in the workplace with audiences. This stands to be an enlightening and stimulating opportunity for all that wish to join in the conversation.

Check out a video from The Harman Firm below on college sexual harassment:



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