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Older White Males Affected Greatly During Recession- USA Today claims

In an article published in today’s USA Today examines how the recession has affected older, white male workers. While it has been reported that the recession has had a wide racial gap in unemployment in inner cities, the article looks across the country to see how this particular group has fared during this downtown. Conversely, the article claims that the overall unemployment gap racially throughout the country has shrank, due in part to the effect on these older white male workers.

The article explores men in their 50’s who have worked the same or similar jobs throughout their lives, and are now finding themselves unemployed for the first time, and undertrained to take on new employment. Generally, older more experienced workers have ridden out periods of downturns, but the widening crises has expanded its reach to these workers who have often spent their careers with one company.
It also explores the difficulties associated with loosing a job that late in life, including having to be retrained, as well as the rising costs of health care and insurance, which get more expensive as one ages. Older workers requiring medications for conditions are finding themselves unable to pay, and have to decided which medications to take and which bills to pay.

In these many scenarios, we are seeing the personal difficulties associated with the recession, and how families are forced to cope with sudden changes in lifestyle and habits. Lets hope that the recent signs of the economy’s turn around will continue, and these affected families will be able to get back on track.

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