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Obama to continue flawed Bush Immigration and Employment Policies

President Obama last week has announced that he would continue the practice of using the E-verify system as a means to curb illegal immigrants working within this country. The program, which was established under President Bush, is an electronic database system that was intended to verify an individuals citizenship status for employers to ensure that they are hiring legal workers. However, the E-verify system is extremely flawed, relying on incorrect, incomplete and flawed information. The system has been responsible for many false positives, where a worker who is a legal citizen, cannot be verified within the system and in turn lose their job despite their actual standing. The continuation of this system is incredibly disheartening and disappointing coming from President Obama. This continuation of Bush-era policies will only hurt workers, legal and illegal and do more damage to the economy as money is poured into a broken system, while keeping individuals out of work.

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