NYC Teacher Sues City Over Students

A New York City schoolteacher has sued the City, claiming that the students and their conduct are killing him. The teacher, who had a triple-bypass surgery in 2007, claims that the principal intentionally assigned him a heavy class-load of agitated and rowdy students to aggravate his heart condition and push him out of the school.

According the suit, the teacher continually begged administration officials for a transfer to upper grades and classes with less behavioral problems, but was continually rebuked and passed up. It was not until the teacher collapsed while dealing with rowdy students that the teacher was reassigned to other class loads.

Also contained in the complaint is a claim that the teacher was treated differently since he was an observant Orthodox Jew, while the administration is largely Hispanic.

While this may seem all a bit strange, long term conditions such as heart disease and history of heart attacks may be considered disabilities, and as such are afforded protection under the Americans With Disabilities Act. Given that, employers must make efforts to reasonably accommodate the requests of individuals with disabilities as to allow for the employee to carry out the functions of the job. For more on the ADA, visit our informational page.

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