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NYC hotspot waitresses claim they were fired for being too short

Two waitresses at the exclusive New York City bar The Boom Boom Room have filed a gender discrimination suit against their former employers after being terminated. The exclusive bar and lounge found at the top floor of The Standard Hotel in the swanky Meatpacking District reopened this past summer, when the two employees claim they were fired.

In the suit, the two waitresses claim that they were terminated since they did not conform to the typical body type of many of the waitresses there- tall, skinny and willowy. The two waitresses, whose lawyer claims they are 5 foot 4 inches and around 125 pounds, stated that despite excellent performance evaluations and no written warnings from their managers, they were abruptly fired for poor performance when the club reopened. Their suit states that following the renovations and reopening of the club, management decided to only keep on the employees that matched their specific look. Following their termination, they learned that all female cocktail waitresses were expected to conform to the bars “new look” policy.

The pair, who are both aspiring actresses, are suing for $1 million in damages against the Club and the Hotel, claiming that their termination was motivated by their height and gender. What do you think? Have you ever been discriminated against as a result of a condition or characteristic that you could not control?

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