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NYC Fast Food Workers Strike

400 fast-food employees in New York plan to strike today, a protest that includes a rally in Harlem. The action looks to be the largest ever in the industry.

The Harman Firm stands in solidarity with these courageous workers, who are calling for a living wage of $15/hour and the right to organize.

The action is organized by Fast Food Forward, which organized a similar November strike—at its time, the largest of its kind.

The group released a letter, in which:

the group said many of its members are living on food stamps or in homeless shelters even as profits continue to rise for low-wage fast food employers. “We’re on strike today because we can’t survive on $7.25. Higher wages will help us raise our families with dignity but will also help lift our entire economy.

While New York is set to raise the minimum wage to $9/hour in 2016, these families need support now; even with that small increase, living in NYC would be nearly impossible.

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