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NY Times On The Greying Work Force

Americans are living longer, and as a result more people are working later in life. Many older Americans are finding that they cannot retire as soon as believed, leading many workers to work well into their 60s and often into their 70’s.

The New York Times looks at this phenomenon, exploring home aid workers taking care of the elderly. However, many of these workers are elderly themselves, with a report stating that 28% of home care workers are themselves above 55. The aging elder care workers are tasked with taking care of those even older than them, and are often dealing with the similar difficulties with aging. You can find the entire article here.

As aging employees become a greater percentage of the workforce, it is important to remember that age discrimination is illegal. Under the Age Discrimination Employment Act, it is illegal to not hire or terminate an employee because of their age, as along as they can preform the job functions required. If you feel you have been discriminated because of your age, read more about the ADEA here.

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