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NY Post- Nepotism Wrist Slap

The New York Post’s David Seifman has written an interesting article- Nepotism Wrist $lap– detailing the strange logic of the New York City bureaucracy and its treatment of employees. Seifman describes the errant hypocrisy showcased in the Department of Investigation’s inquiry into the Marie Dorsinville. Ms. Dorsinville was fine $3.500 for three violations of policy while working at the Department of Health. Reportedly, Dorinsville tried to have a subordinate interview her brother for a position, and then when he was hired, she acted as his supervisor- violating ethics regulations.

Meanwhile, an employee who acted as a whistle-blower and reported this unethical behavior is still out of a job after being fired following their complaints. What sort of system do we live in where City employees will admit to guilt over ethical violations and keep their jobs, while the ones who report this unlawful activity are out on the street? This behavior is appalling, and calls for a harder look at how the City of New York treats those who hope to expose illegal behavior.

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