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NY Nurses Receive Settlement From Wage Supression Case

A group of hospitals in the Albany region have recently agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by nurses. The deal, described in a NY Times article published March 9th seeks to settle a claim brought by the nurses who said hospitals had conspired together to keep nurses for wages down in the area.

Per the agreement, the nurses will receive $1.25 million dollars and prohibits the hospitals from sharing wage information of the nurses with any other hospitals operating in the area. Statements from the hospital admit no wrongdoing stemming from settling, and stated that they decided to settle the case to “preserve scarce resources” from going to waste.

A statement from the SEIU claimed this was a victory, and that “for too long, hospitals cut corners when it came to valuing the hard work of nurses”, with many advocacy groups and nurses stating that the suppression of wages for nurses has further increased the shortage of nurses throughout the country.

The settlement also opens up new options for nurses who are currently awaiting similar trials in other states. The settlement allows for the lawyers for the nurses in this group access to nurses at other hospitals in the area to further explore claims of wage suppression and conspiracy.

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