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Non-traditional Sexual Harassment

The vast majority of sexual harassment cases which are brought before judges involve males sexually harassing females. However, this is certainly not the only form of sexual harassment.

In a recent case taken on by the EEOC, male employees of Prestige Home Centers, Inc. complained of inappropriate touching and groping, requests for sexual favors, and sexually explicit and embarrassing comments. In a settlement which has just been reached, Prestige has agreed to injunctive relief enjoining the company from permitting further sexual harassment, adopt new sexual harassment policies, implement a sexual harassment committee and anti-discrimination training, and report all sexual discrimination claims directly to the EEOC. Although this sexual harassment endured by the male employees of Prestige was not what is generally considered traditional sexual harassment, it was clearly a violation of the male employee’s rights.

Are you the victim of non-traditional sexual harassment or any other type of sexual harassment? The Harman Firm is committed to eliminating sexual harassment in the workplace.

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