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NFL Star Bret Farve Accused of Sexual Harassment

The NFL has had its share of scandals so far this year, with Braylon Edwards DWI and the Jets’ locker-room antics which had a reporter claim she had been sexually harassed by players on the team. But new allegations have surfaced involving a sports reporter and superstar quarterback Bret Farve.

The reporter, Jenn Sterger, was working with the Jets when the longtime Green Bay Packer made the move to play quarterback for the New York Jets. During this time it is alleged that Farve left numerous racy voicemails for her, and sent her explicit pictures.

What had allegedly occurred nearly two years ago is quickly becoming a extremely tenuous situation for the National Football League, who are now dealing with sexual harassment allegations against with one of the most high profile athletes in the game.

This situation, while still unfolding, brings to light the fact that sexual harassment can encompass a wide variety of situations and is not limited to conduct of one’s employer or coworkers. Sexual harassment in the workplace can be any unwanted gestures, touch, statements, or contact directed at an individual. While employers have a duty to ensure the business is compliant with sexual harassment laws, these actions can be carried out by third parties and could make the employer liable for this behavior.

Read more about sexual harassment on our website here. No employee should be subjected to such treatment, and we believe that employees should stand up for their rights.

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