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New York Yankees Ditch Old Stadium, Old Bartender with it.

The New York Post has reported on the case of John Vendikos, who has recently been let go from his position as bartender at the New York Yankee’s Stadium Club. The seventy three year old man has been serving drinks at Yankee stadium for almost 27 years, and was shocked to find out that he was no longer welcome when the Yanks made their move to their new home.

Vendikos, who had poured cocktails for the likes of Joe Dimaggio and other Yankee greats, was asked to re-interview for his position when the club made their move across the street in the Bronx. When he showed up for his interview, the interviewer was dismissive, stating, “Why should I hire you? You’re old”. Thinking it was a joke after his long tenure of service, Vendikos eventually found out he was not hired and passed over for his old job.

The Yankees deny any claim of age discrimination, stating that they are committed to hiring employees of all ages. This claim can’t help the struggling organization that has received hit after hit in the public relations department upon opening the new stadium in April. From outrageously expensive tickets, broken and non-functioning equipment and other stutters. Most serious is this latest charge, showing that age discrimination is still a part of the workplace, and will likely only become more rampant with the tightening job market.

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